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Following is our year-end electronic card of what happened with the Justin Carr Wants World Peace Foundation in 2017.

I will writepeace” on your wings, and you will fly all over the world”.

Sadako Sasak

Darrell took this picture of a butterfly on Susan’s hand in Costa Rica


Dear Friends and Family,

Encouraging words in 2017 have helped us continue to move each day as we remember and honor our beloved son Justin.  Each year we receive so many great messages of hope and reflection from people we know and strangers as noted below. Social Media has been good to us. These highlighted messages below show how Justin still continues to impact even Those Who Never Met Him…

A 2017 FaceBook Message from  Mia Ehrenberg:

“Hi Mrs. Carr, I hope you are doing well. I met you several years back at the SDLC conference in Washington DC, which I attended as a student at Campbell Hall. I was touched by Justin’s story and even more so after hearing personal stories from Chris Lopez, who I’ve become close friends with since the conference. Anyway, I am writing today because I’ve recently become friends with some people on the swim team at Johns Hopkins (I am a sophomore here). I mentioned being from LA to a person on the team who wasn’t even from LA and had never met Justin, but they knew many stories about how talented and kind he was because they’d heard as much from the LA swimmers on the team. I thought it was really special how his legacy has spread because only a person as special as he was would inspire such sharing and memory. I thought you might want to know because while I know nothing can bring him back, I hoped it might help to know that Justin inspires so many of us and his legacy will live on with us. Thank you again for sharing his story with me that weekend at SDLC and I hope you have a lovely holiday season and new year.”  

This is a picture of Mia a rising star who found words and contacted us.


A 2017 JCWWP Website Message:

This message came from our website right around Justin’s birthday in September.  It gave us chills. It was indeed a gift.  We were able to meet this admirable student a few weeks ago when we spoke at the UCLA Saving Hearts Student Organization last month and had a chance meeting with Bryce. Lesson learned,  you never know who is watching or listening to you.

Country: usa
Message: My name is Bryce Bentley and I am a Junior at UCLA. I am the Student Coordinator for the UCLA Saving Hearts Foundation. I would like to speak with you regarding an event that we are planning in the Los Angeles area. We would like your help and input to provide free heart screenings to high school students. In 2015, Justin Carr’s parents spoke to a group of teenagers at a Jack and Jill event. I was one of those teens. Their heartfelt story has been in my thoughts since that day. Partly because of that, I became a pre-med student at UCLA with the intent of becoming a cardiologist. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Bryce Bentley

Bruin and Trojan together Susan and Bryce…

An Email Message from the 2017 Scholar

This poem came to us a few minutes after this student received notice that he had been awarded the JCWWP 2017 Scholarship. We did not know that N’jhari was also a swimmer and a poet…

He found the words…

“Thank you for contacting me.  I must say when I got your email, it was bittersweet and that’s just being honest.  It is truly the BEST letter I have ever received and it will be with me forever and will be a constant reminder to always do the right thing.


“Darkest in Water, Brightest on Stage”

         Though the roosters have yet to sing, Sun no interest in being seen, coach’s whistle screams it’s time to hustle.  The water no longer still, like waves of the ocean my frame takes the ride. Whitewater rafting sounds fun; tho’ for now kicking up bubbles legs on fire seconds count down to the wire. Finding fun without the sun hard enough, coach yells, “it’s not rough, now get tough.”

        Mumbling frustration is quite hard while swallowing the saltiness choking on discipline with an unpleasant grin; better focus and pray hard.  Oh, my aching shins filling these breaststroke fins.  Eyes on the prize, mind right.  Oh, look it’s daylight! ‘Darkest in water’, unseen threat, taking all bets while helping my teammate be his best.  No arrogance or conceit, making it tough to beat even in defeat head held high, shaking hands because I’m a man standing accepting His plan. 

       Curtain call, lights like fire, perspiration breaks still no threat.  Confidence a shield, the smile says hello. He’s ready, heart shown with e’vry move, never rude.  ‘Brightest on stage’, his platform was made.  His message soars across the risers, words take flight just maybe tonight a kind hand extended humble and meek.  Justin Carr Wants World Peace! Renaissance man always extended a hand. Tho’ the last bow taken not, with e’vry wave, looking at the stage, I’ll help seek, world peace. 

Dedicated To,

The Justin Carr Wants World Peace Foundation

By,  N’Jhari J.

N’Jhari and Darrel at Caring Awards

Because of your support we  were able to accomplish so much this past year with respect to:

We also learned firsthand about Kintsugi –the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold and lacquer.  It’s the philosophy that something broken can be remade into something even more beautiful.  Something that we realized we’ve been doing—with your help and support—through JCWWP in homage to Justin…

We are so grateful for your continued support as we remain steadfast in expanding Justin’s messages of hope, peace, inclusion, and love. It surely takes a village. One thing that we also know is that a broken tree can still bear exceptional fruit. We are all of the same branch reaching towards the sun.  God touches us. We touch you. You touch someone else. Next year we hope to continue to not only do the same but more.  Thank you.



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Visit the website to Read Susan’s blog or get scholarship info and updates.  




In Peace and Love,

Susan & Darrell Carr