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Food For Thought (December 2013) Part 1

I wrote this last year  in 2013 and wanted to repost in 2014 because of the magical beauty in Sedona and I can’t make this stuff up…
Food For Thought  the Magic of Sedona
Christmas tradition was heavy on my mind this morning. Justin Carr Wants World Peace loved the holidays especially decorating the house, stringing the lights, wrapping the gifts and strategizing for the infamous “White Elephant Game.” It was well known that the Carr’s usually came home with the best gifts!



Months ago Darrell Carr
& I had already come to the realization that it would be just too painful to do what we usually do during the holidays and that was to celebrate with family and friends. It was always expected that prior to leaving town, we would have already disbursed the gifts to local family and friends; then on Christmas day we would either fly or drive to the North with the car or luggage packed to the hilt with gifts.

Then we were off to uncle Butch’s Burl Toler Jr. and aunt Susan Tamayo-Toler house. All the cousins would be dressed up in festive gear. Justin was so proud to be taller than all of his older cousins.. There would be appetizers, homemade eggnog, gumbo and then a table full of treats. Then, the kids would get their piles of gifts and tear open the wrappings and start to play with their toys. The adults would wake up with their full stomachs from their naps and begin the games. Justin was the director in most cases and would make the announcements for each activities. It was so fun…. And now must go down into the book of memories.


Today, I decided to make reservations for a Christmas dinner at an Italian Restaurant. The hostess on the phone told me to review the menu online. When I went to the website, the image of the ornaments startled me. There was a prominent turquoise/royal blue ball. Then, I began to read the letter to the customers as noted below:

“Dear Friends,
We at Cucina Rustica give thanks to have you here with us for Christmas Eve 2013. We realize that the most important quality of life is love. Every day we are alive is a gift from God to share with our family and friends. Let us all take one moment to be grateful for everything we are so fortunate to have. We acknowledge in silence all of our loved ones, no longer living on earth, but forever in our hearts. Let us all love our neighbors and pray for peace on earth!

Lisa and everyone at Cucina Grazie mille !”



I quickly picked up the phone, called back to the restaurant and cried as I tried to make the reservation for Christmas. The Hostess said, “Are you ok? I proceeded to tell her about our loss of Justin. I said” I guess it was meant to be that we dine at a place that had such a lovely headliner about the holidays to remember the lost loved ones as well as pray for peace on earth!” I then told her that Justin wanted world peace too.

The hostess then tells me the brief story about the owner, Lisa, and her horrific loss. Evidently, Lisa lost her only child; a son name Justin. He died while being a Good Samaritan helping someone else out. I sobbed and told the woman, OMG this is too much. She said “I believe that there is a reason for everything and I believes in spiritual connections.” I told her that Lisa and I were forced to be members of a “child loss” club that we did not want to sign up for…
She told me that she can’t wait to meet us and introduce us to Lisa; she said, “ I know already that you guys will be fast friends.”

I can’t believe that I picked the best place to feed our souls on Christmas. It had the markings of Justin all over it; just a thought.
****Set your clock and listen to this radio show coming up on Sunday, December 22, 2013 where we talk about Justin Carr World-Peace

I guess our angel will continue to watch over us. News Host Tammy Trujillo talked to us on the Angel network. The airdate of the show is Sunday December 22nd at 6 a.m. and 10p.m. The link is AM830KLAA.COM , http://am830klaa.com, or you can go onto anglesradio.com click on Community Cares.

I can’t make this stuff up!! look at the image below from the restaurant. It’s real. There are not enough words to describe how I feel. Just pray for us and we will pray for you and peace on earth as well. Oh Justin… My Angel Baby..

JCWWP_Logo_with_Butterfly_II_copy copy


The Butterfly (INN) Me

Last night, as the background noise blurted from a nearby-unattended TV, one advertisement caught my ear. It made reference to a must see sight located somewhere near a “Butterfly Café.”

(Of course by now, everyone knows the significance of the Butterfly INN my/our life. In case you don’t know-read what I wrote last year.) https://www.justincarrwantsworldpeace.org/wordpress/?p=384

I immediately took to the Internet to find the location of this place. This little-known café was part of the Butterfly Garden Inn. http://www.thebutterflygardeninn.com/ This vacation spot included private cabins nestled in the heart of the canyons and clearly made it possible for guest to experience the mystery, healing and restorative powers of nature.

So, this morning I called to see if the café was open to non-guests. The woman on the other end said absolutely! My enquiring mind also wanted to know how the resort got its name. The woman politely said that the name was in honor of the co-owner’s beloved Mother.

Subsequently, we drove about 10 miles before we spotted “The Butterfly Garden Inn” sign. We stopped in front of a rustic southwest style porch that supported a stout antique red cocoa cola machine placed conveniently near at the Country Store entrance. Once inside, the gracious hostess (Denise) asked me if I was the one who called earlier and then she gave us mouth-watering descriptions of the menu items. We ordered our meals and took seats on the porch facing the creek and red rock mountains.



After delivering our beverages, Denise asked: “ What brings you to town?” With enduring love spilling from our mouths we told the cursory story of our life past with Justin and how we had to make the great escape to protect our hearts and minds during this most celebrated season. She empathetically told us how sorry she was for our lost.

We could not help telling her all about Justin and the things he liked including swimming. She gently smiled and told us that the co-owner Frank was also a competitive swimmer from Florida. (Not sure if you guys know but Justin learned how to swim when he was a baby in Florida). Darrell then chimed in that he noticed a series of cameras on display inside the reception area. Denise informed us that Frank was also a photographer. Darrell said: “I am too. I taught photography for many years.”


After our tasty meal came to an end, I went back into the store for more water. Denise looked up at me and asked: “How did we liked the meal?” With a tad bit of hesitation, she nodded and said: “ I know how you feel, I lost my eldest son Joshua 15 years ago. He is the first thought in my mind when I wake up each morning and the last thought in my mind when I go to bed each night He was an artist, dancer and a musician. He was a straight arrow and an old soul and he spoke with you with undivided attention.” I immediately stopped in my tracks looked at Denise and gave her a hug. I then asked her if she would share her story with Darrell. She kindly walked over to our table and retold Joshua’s story. We were speechless. She then said: “You know, our children are only on loan to us”. In the back of my mind, I thought to myself “That is exactly what Father Jay said to us during Justin’s celebration of his life…


Denise and Jenny of the Butterfly Inn


After she finished Darrell and Denise both exclaimed: ” Look there is a butterfly!!!- as a yellow butterfly flew between us. We marveled in its beauty before it left the porch.

As Denise continued to talk, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a young lady pass us to speak with a person in a car that pulled up on the property. I said to Denise: If that’s the owner, I would like to meet her.”

Minutes later Nicole, the co owner, came over and greeted us at our table. I told her how I found the Inn by chance, and how great the food was. I then asked her about how she came up with the name of her business. She said her mom was in hospice and the aftermath of her transition they gave her a stained glass butterfly to place on the door of her room. “The butterfly is significant in my life it has healing power” she said. Nicole politely excused herself and retreated back into the store. When she came out, she handed me a small pouch. Inside was a beautiful ornament created out of the remains of a fallen monarch butterfly? She said a local “Butterfly Lady” made it and she felt compelled to give it to me.


After embracing we walked towards the marquee to pose for a picture. I told Nicole that Justin loved the visual and performing arts. Nicole said that the lady she was speaking to prior to meeting us was a cast member in a play she directed. Nicole told us that she teaches theatre and directs most of the productions in the area and that her husband Frank is also a Set Designer. Once again I was flabbergasted. I said, Justin loved the theatre and set design and that he even had his SAG card! I could not believe it. As we posed for the picture I blurted out “Justin was just like a Renaissance man!” She looked at me and quickly said in amazement: “Wait, how did you come up with those words just now? Renaissance Man was the name of her husbands business for many years, he even has it on his license plate”… We had no words and just shook our heads. She said: “we were suppose to meet today!”




Darrell & Nicole
Darrell & Nicole



Nicole & Susan
Nicole & Susan

Once again Justin our Butterfly will continue to live with INN us…even at this random Butterfly Garden Inn and in the beauty of this church that is built in a mountain where we said a little prayer for Justin.


Going in this church was a big effort on my part.  No Words…

This occurrence did not happen in a week. It all happened in a matter of 24 hours.

My Butterfly Justin will always be with in us.  His spirit will live with me forever.  Like Denise said about her Joshua… Justin is the first thought  that comes to my mind every day when I wake up and the last thought every night  when I TRY and go to sleep…


*** As a side note I told Denise that they needed to modify their signage to include the word “Cafe” so that more people can stop and have a great meal… Better than most places in the main town.