Annual Justin Carr Memorial Swim Meet was held yesterday

Yesterday, we did it.. I walked the pool, I touched the water…
I made the sign of the cross,
I said a prayer,
and thinking of my baby Justin made me smile through my tears.
The HW swim team and Coach Carroll and Coach Bible, embraced us.
I spoke to Justin Carr World-Peace team mates, they gave me hugs, Nina walked me through the moments and the joy that Justin brought to her on that first day she met him. And Grant -what can I say about the friendship you had with Justin was a gift.
Justin’s Art Teacher Ms. Hall designed the trophy which is a image of Justin doing the butterfly, the sun from Justin’s infamous ” happy to see the sun come up” , the triangle is synonymous with the ” renaissance man, Loyola had a special cheer for Justin, and we saw so many kids who swam with Justin on the Rose Bowl club team.
It did not rain much, and my girls, Portia, Nasreen, Angie, Natalie, Amber, Shirley, Cathleen, Ms. Hall,Jeanne ,  all stood by my side thank you. I made it through the first annual Justin Carr swim meet. Oh, and we started out the meet with Justin singing the anthem there was not a dry eye in the stadium.
Thank you everyone. Justin, there are no more words.. Love you and miss you more.

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