A Beautiful Poem about Justin from a Beautiful young Girl….

Another gift to cherish…


Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Carr! I am Giselle, Mazelle’s little sister, (we saw each other briefly when you spoke at SDLC in Washington D.C.) and  I wrote this poem right now out of the love and gratitude I feel towards Justin. I did not rearrange the order of the couplets, I just wrote them down as they came.

Giselle Etessami 2/3/14 Personal Poem


I don’t know very much about you

But when I heard you left my world turned askew

I know more of your death than of your life

But your story was a stab in the heart with a knife

Your eyes were black onyx but beneath the sight

Was a glittering light that never shined so bright

You, dear Justin, have inspired me to give

You’ve inspired me to love, even inspired me to live

You’ll never know how many lives you have changed

But between you and me, there was a peace exchanged

I don’t think you knew me, you didn’t know my name

But your passing has altered my spirits all the same

I honor you Justin I hope you know this

I hope you know just how much you are missed

Thank you for living, just you was enough

I look to you as an angel, and this is no bluff

I hear your voice in the acoustics’ strum

I feel your power in the beat of a drum

The light in your eyes is a light that lives on

I see your face in the tears of your mom

I look up to you Justin, you’re my hero

Compared to your wisdom, I am a mere zero

No words can express just how perfect you are

I’ll always think of you when I look up at the stars

You were the best, too good to be true

That’s why G-d decided he needed you

You live on, not in human form

But in the divinity of the celestial storm

You will not be forgotten, this I promise you

I can’t help but hope you smiled as you passed through

On February 22, an angel took flight

And he, with G-d, at short last, reunite.

Thank you and I hope you have a blessed day/week/month/year/life! <3

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