Without ever meeting us before, Laura J. Goldberg, the founder of ArtsAhimsa (concerts to promote non-violence through the arts www.artsahimsa.org) came to California (pro bono) from New York. She volunteered her time and shared her talents as a violinist for the Justin Carr Wants World Peace (JCWWP) ArtsAhimsa Concert that was held this past April.

See concert video highlights:


What a tremendous and gracious effort on her part. Fortunately, for us, after she learned more about Justin’s dreams and his desires to “provide visual and performing arts opportunities to underprivileged kids”, Laura felt compelled do try and do more. She told us of a possibility that maybe one of the students (who participate in the Saturday tutoring and arts program that Justin started at an underserved Public School in Los Angeles) might qualify to attend a renowned family owned summer visual and performing arts program for girls in Massachusetts. When I checked out the website: http://www.belvoirterrace.com, I thought to myself that I wished that I were young again to attend such and camp.  But then I envisioned Justin  rolling his eyes and telling me: “Mom, you do not even have any talents, I am still trying to teach you how to dance! So maybe not!”


This past Mother’s Day, Nancy Goldberg, the Owner/Operator of Belvoir Terrace  Summer Camp made me smile on my seemingly sad day. She called and told me of wanting to offer a scholarship to a young girl to attend the camp. I was elated and cried with tears of joy. I told her: “I wished that Justin was here to see all of this happening around us.” She gently told me:” “Honey, you need to think about what a blessing Justin was and how he continues through you and these children you are helping out.” Nancy is right. Justin left us the blueprints to follow…

BELVOIR TERRACE  Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, Summer Camp for Girls
Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, Sports Summer Camp for Girls

Well, we are happy to say that two weeks ago, Gigi (a viable 8th grader) who was  energetic, talented and ready to learn  arrived at Belvoir Terrace for an opportunity of a lifetime!  She wrote a passionate essay, she was confident, talented, a good dancer, independent, and she passed and interview and audition with flying colors. She was ready and willing to learn more. Subsequently, Belvoir Terrace awarded her a major scholarship that was supplemented by the JCWWP Foundation. She completed the application and submitted a personal essay.

Gigi Heads to Belvoir Terrace
Gigi Heads to Belvoir Terrace

Following are a few excerpts from Gigi’s essay written by a 13 year old:

“Justin wanted everyone to have a chance of living his or her dream. Even though I didn’t know Justin, I hear great things about him. I have never seen a person (especially a young person to want World Peace).

 I think that Justin would feel that I am a good fit for the program because I want the same things that he wants the world to achieve. I want World Peace because we are living in some tough days. People killing each other, people are kidnapping, stealing, committing suicide, and saying the “N” word to the President of the United States. What happened to Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream? It seems no one wants World Peace.”


For the next six weeks Gigi will take classes in ballet, modern, jazz and tap dance along with musical theatre, tennis and swimming. She will return home from the East Coast with new skills and many new friends. Thank you Laura, Nancy and Justin too for affording Gigi this opportunity of a lifetime for sure!


Gigi in Dance Class at Belvoir Terrace
Gigi in Dance Class at Belvoir Terrace
Belvoir Terrace Dance Studio
Belvoir Terrace Camp Dance Studio


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