Life as a Walt Disney imagineer and beyond

I can testify that there are life changing and life altering events. 

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Radio Disney contacted me a few months ago to talk about my time as a Walt Disney Imagineer and life as I know it with the Justin Carr World-Peace Foundation (JCWWP)- formed after Justin died from an undiagnosed heart condition at age 16. Justin was a young Renaissance man who loved all things Disney— visited the parks in California and Florida and had many of his birthdays there with friends. Once he even designed his bday cupcakes with his friend’s likeness for his celebration, and he played Rafiki in 4th grade in his school’s “Lion King “Production. Justin had hopes and dreams of becoming an Imagineer one day with all of his creative abilities. I’m glad he got to enjoy some aspects of the parks. He was so proud that I once worked there.

Below is the link to my conversation with compassionate Radio Disney Host Betsy Spina. The show was to air on April 11, 2021. I later found out that Radio Disney has shut down after being in business for 25 years. What a loss on so many levels. I am so grateful that I was able to get a copy of my interview and share it. After I listened to it, my husband Darrell (photographer extraordinaire) and I decided that adding photos to the audio would be a perfect way to tell the story. Thankful that Darrell had thousands of images that fit right in with the audio conversation. Thank you, Betsy & team, for making this happen.

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3 thoughts on “Life as a Walt Disney imagineer and beyond”

  1. A very comprehensive and moving interview ! It is so chocked full of information that inspires I was fascinated to learn about your career at Disney and all the skills you learned and put to use. All the photos you used and the visuals really let us See your journey ,
    Meeting Justin in the photos and seeing his projects and multi talents , his progress in every facet of education and how he valued and helped his friends and inspired them was truly remarkable!
    How you were able to cope with the incomprehensible loss of your bright star and turn your grief into a positive force in Justin’s honor is so encouraging .
    All you and your husband Darrell are doing in the community and life in general is so important for us ! Everyone of us can be inspired, motivated , moved and encouraged by your words and examples.
    We can choose to join in and help in any of the areas that you are working in and help with what is out there to tackle in order to make this place a better place for every single one of us regardless of race, religion, gender or status.
    Thanks for leading the way by keeping Justin’s vision alive.

  2. Very thorough and moving! I love that you can reflect on so much wonderful memories of Justin’s life and experirences so clearly, so lovingly! I really enjoyed the interview and the visual images you put together to go with it!

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