Halloween’s Past: The Best Halloween Treat

Halloween’s Past: The Best Halloween Treat

Justin wrote this letter in 2004 when he was 8. He and his Dad always loved watching all things Star Wars.

So when Justin was 10,  he decided he wanted to be Mace Windu—the fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by actor Samuel L. Jackson.


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He would not settle for the usual over the counter costume so he commissioned our dear friend Sherrie Brooks (who sews very well) to make his authentic costume- and that she did. He went with her to get the best fabric close enough to the outfit worn by his idol.

He was so happy with Sherri finished product. The last request he had was for his Dad to shave his head bald so he really could look just like Samuel L. Jackson!!!

Justin Carr as Mace Windu Halloween 2010 Costume by Sherrie Brooks Photo by Darrell Carr

Fast forward to February 5, 2013 (2 weeks before Justin died) He and his dear friend Arielle Winfield spearheaded the Harvard Westlake Black Leadership and Cultural Club (BLACC) Event with the surprise guest Samuel L. Jackson. The room buzzed with joy when Samuel took to the stage. His story was profound. He opened up his heart beyond the big screen. He shared that he was a swimmer. His mother made him be on the swim team to keep him out of trouble.  He also wanted to be a marine biologist- just like Jacques-Yves Cousteau he said. Furthermore, he shared that he almost hit rock bottom with his drug consumption—it was from the unconditional love and support from his wife LaTanya that saved his life…

Justin, Arielle and Samuel L. Jackson at the H-W BLACC event 2/3/2013

Justin was so happy of the outcome of the event. It was a huge success.


The night before Justin’s Celebration of his life I looked in my Spam folder.  What a blessing I did because this letter was in it.  It made me smile. It is truly a gift in this circle of life.

See the video of Justin introducing  Samuel L. Jackson

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This is my story of Halloween Past. Finding these treasures was definitely a treat and worth sharing.

5 thoughts on “Halloween’s Past: The Best Halloween Treat”

  1. This was so beautiful to read and watch. I will always think of Justin when I see the Mace Windu character! Justin is so handsome and articulate. Sending tons of love.

  2. Justin contributed, inspired, and experienced much in his lifetime. He had great role models from you and your extended family.
    You did great parenting!
    Much love,

  3. What beautiful, rich memories for this and every Halloween. What a rich and deep life Justin lived while he was here – his impact is so strong still!

  4. Thank you so much, Dear Susan. I remember the BLACC Assembly with Samual Jackson and Justin introducing him… It was so moving!!! I had never seen the photo of Justin with his hair shaved to be Mace Windu… It’s a great photo of Justin!! And I had never seen the letter that Mr. and Mrs. Jackson sent to you and Darrell…so touching,
    Thinking of Justin and You and Darrell every day, with Love always..of course. Justin’s Ms. Hall

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