Trust me!! This was not a Dream!! Thank Goodness!!!!

Trust me!! This was not a dream!! Thank Goodness!!!!
Most Photos Compliment of Darrell’s Adventures:
This place was:
Just a 2-hour flight from Los Angeles (3-hours from San Francisco)
Where I woke up and fell asleep to the view and sounds of the Sea of Cortez—that was just a few steps away from the house
I took morning yoga classes on the bluffs of the Beach Club and did the “warrior and Cobra” poses watching the waves crash against the shores and the iguanas rest on the rocks
I danced to the Latin beats in the water Zumba classes
Relaxed often on the patio of this comfortable house
Watched Darrell Carr dance, snap his fingers and sing along to the surround music of Al Jarreau’s song:
We’re In This Love Together
‘We’re in this love together
We got the kind that lasts forever
Don’t you know, that?
We’re in this love together
And like berries on the vine
It gets sweeter all the time’��
” I wished I could have captured it on video but ” Who needs a cell phone in a place like this?”
Swam in the infinity pool or sat in the Jacuzzi as these water bodies finally brought me some peace of mind as I thought of Justin with joy in my heart and looked out into the endless ocean that stretched for miles…
Read a book in many of the indoor /outdoor peaceful nooks the house
Watched a movie
It’s worth noting that EVERY massive suite has a view of the ocean and sunsets, and EVERY window in the house has a view of either the ocean, pool, landscape or mountains
I Got a massage in my room with natural air blowing through the open floor to ceiling windows
I Watched the sunrise on the beach (ok really I was sleeping but Darrell captured beautiful sunrise photos because he found his serenity in photography and he could not sleep)
Where I felt like I was on a desert island of peace
I can’t vouch for how the golfing was but it sure looked greener on the other side of the pool where I was most of the time…
Oh, but there is one thing you do have to worry about each day and that is:  “Where are you were going to eat for dinner!!”  There are wonderful restaurants choices from “Buzzards” the beach, local treasures or the hidden upscale gems off the dirt roads. Oh, did I mention that the Beach Club (that you have full access) also had a wonderful restaurant?
There was no place like this home and Rose Good made sure that everything was taken care of and provided a lot of care, help, and resources to make sure our stay was the best.
If you like waking up after having a “Good Dream” then you should look no further and take a short or long vacation or respite TO THIS PRIVATE RESIDENCE.
“The House of Dreams” is in San Jose Del Cabo which is on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula
Do you know what Sueños means? It means dreams!!!!
Message me or look at this website for more information. Harriet Zaretsky and Rose Good this one is for you!! Thanks


3 thoughts on “Trust me!! This was not a Dream!! Thank Goodness!!!!”

  1. So thrilled for you two. What a lovely time. Thanks for sharing. Makes me calm just looking at it. Ps. Those weren’t my tacos though.

  2. LOVE this beautiful, restorative trip. Love all of the pictures. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. The joy and peace you experienced is on both of your faces. I’m putting this on my list of places I have to visit

  3. Oh my is that place gorgeous Harriet did such a great job with the entire project. Envy!
    Great you were together and that you could fully let down. You deserve it! Hell. We all do

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