The Apple of my Eye…

The Apple of my eye…

I went to the Apple Store to fix my computer. A handsome tall young African American young man greeted me. As he helped fix my computer— for over an hour I kept looking at him. Occasionally, I would pause and ask: “How long have you worked here? 15-minute pause ” Did you like computers when you were little? 5-minute pause “Are you from California? ” 10-minute pause… What year did you graduate from HS?
Finally, I said: ” I’m sorry honey but can you answer one more question?” He was so polite. He said: Yes. I then asked: ” How tall are you? ” He said 6’6”. I then said please forgive me but I am not trying to hit on you but my son that I lost was 6’3 and he had a beautiful smile like you. Your mannerisms, smile and height were similar.” With a big Justin Carr World-Peace like smiling, he said: ” I did not notice you looking at me and I am so sorry you lost your son. I’m glad you see him in me. That’s a compliment!”. I was lost for words and I told him: “Thank you.” I had to leave. That young man was a Genius! He was the apple of my eye for the day…

Both of these photos are of Justin Carr World-PeaceThese photos are from the day we dropped Justin off at The Cal Poly Architecture camp in 2012 and the day we picked him up 4 weeks later!! It was time for a hair cut!!

3 thoughts on “The Apple of my Eye…”

  1. every wonderful memory you write about justin and every encounter you’ve had in the last few years that evokes him for you helps me to know your amazing son. thank for sharing so much of him and of your triangle of love. xxxx another bereaved sister, pepper.

  2. Your apple didn’t fall far from the tree. You and Darrell are exceptional role models. Not only to Justin, but to others, including me. Thank you for your friendship.

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