“Happy Birthday Justin” A Poem by Justin’s Uncle Gregory Toler 9/13/16

My little brother, Gregory Toler, is always by my side. He shared his love for Justin (his tallest nephew) and took my breath away with this poem he just wrote today. Love you, Greg!!! Justin loved you too!!





















Happy Birthday Justin

As I glance at the artwork on my office wall                                                         I think of the young man who keeps inspiring us all
World Peace is what he asked and wished for at the age of four
Not a toy or a game from the store
He waltzed through life with effortless joy
As he grew to be a giant in many ways from such a little baby boy
The detail of his work is truly evident with each and every stroke of his brush
And he did it all with without making a hush
Unmatched talent was displayed in everything he did
And we are so fortunate it has been shared and not hid
What an immense impact he has had from the start
And we can always see him through his immeasurable art
Happy Birthday Justin as we celebrate your excellence and your special day
And your wish will come true for that we all pray
Love Uncle Greg




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justin carr 4 years old

7 thoughts on ““Happy Birthday Justin” A Poem by Justin’s Uncle Gregory Toler 9/13/16”

  1. Not all nephews can nor will have such an profound impact on an uncle in the way Justin had on his uncle Greg. I can’t wait for the first Biography on Justin. Such a book, written on a young person’s level, can be such a posthumous mentoring source and guide on positive living and how to build right relationships. Thanks for sharing this poem, Susan and Greg.

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