Juju is still Dancing…

Juju is still dancing…

At least every other week, my sister Jeni braces herself before she tells me yet another JJ and Juju story. JJ is her 5-1/2 year-old son.

Jeni and JJ
Jeni and JJ

(Juju is the name that Justin’s little cousin Mia gave him because she could not say Justin, and it stuck.) JJ was only 2.5 years old when Justin died, but boy was he aware and in touch with him beyond anything I have ever seen from a young child.




Justin and his little cousins
Juju  and his little cousinsJustin loved his little cousins and big ones too!.
Juju and his cousins
Justin and his cousins

He was so glad that he was the elder amongst the little cousins-for a change. I wrote a blog three years ago: “Juju Dancing.” It was about a true event that occurred a mere 2 months after Justin died. The synopsis goes something like this: Jeni and JJ were coming to surprise me for my birthday a few short months after Justin died. Jeni walked in my house with an astonished look on her face. The first thing she said before she could even say the slighted sounding “surprise” was “Throughout the flight, JJ kept laughing and looking out of the window smiling and saying, “Juju is dancing, he is saying bye-bye…

Juju dancing Photo Credit Darrell Carr
Juju dancing Photo Credit Darrell Carr







” Read the full story here…

Juju is Still Dancing


This afternoon, decided I had to write just a few words. It’s been awhile. I was reflecting on my most recent conversation that I had with Jeni just a few days ago. She said JJ overheard her speaking with me the other night when we were talking on the phone. When she hung up he said: “When is Juju coming back from heaven? I sure want him to get to know me now.” I don’t know how she responded or better yet if she could…



I think we all have pondered this very same question every once in awhile over the past few years. It is that lingering question that no person who lives on this earth can really answer. We all will hold a precious memory of Justin with us in our hearts and minds. I honestly think it will be forever— as we bravely grace this Earth. As most of you know, I tuck Justin with me everywhere I go. He is the oxygen that keeps me breathing.

My sisters often say that JJ acts just like Justin! He rolls his eyes at them when they say things he does not agree with, he moves furniture out of the way so that he could have enough room to do his cartwheels and he loves to dance and move his body to the current sounds of the day- and oh yes; JJ also has that infamous smile—just like is cousin Juju.

I have transformed. My friend Valerie writes it all the time. “If nothing ever changed there would be no such thing as a butterfly, no such thing as Justin, the sacred spirit. Life is beautiful (and cruel) because there is change. The thing we can’t change has this very peculiar way of changing us.”   The music changes.  It does. And so must the dance.” So, when (I know there will be a time) JJ asks me “ Is Juju home now? I will tell him with a bit of  joy in my heart: JJ just close your eyes and you can feel Juju as you visualize all the butterflies and stars dancing in the clouds and swimming to the moon.


I guess I always think of how much Justin loved dancing.   I loved dancing with him.  This week, my breath was taken away again, when I opened up an old flash drive I found.  On it was  this PowerPoint presentation called ChaChaslide.  It was layered  in-between my many files from when I worked on the Universal Studios Jurassic Park Project. I guess that Justin saved his project on it a few years ago.  He was teaching people how to do the Charlie Brown dance…   So, in my heart– Juju my Justin will always be dancing…

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