M a k e  M e A  C h a n n e l  o f  Y o u r  P e a c e

What do you do after you lose something or someone special? We are learning firsthand that there is not one answer or timeline when dealing with the aftermath from any type of a loss. It’s whatever you want to do—or better yet, moved and inspired to do… Here’s an example…

So, late in 2014, after at least a year’s absence from visiting her hometown, Susan got the urge to go back to San Francisco and made the 400-mile journey North to surround herself in the comfort and memories that still lay dormant in the Toler Family home. The inside of the house was like a time capsule. It was filled with treasures and stuff from 40 years of marriage and 96 years of education! OMG! That’s right, you can do the math: 6 kids x 16 years of education =96 years.


My Father looks at First and only snow to hit San Francisco 1964
My Father looks at First and only snow to hit San Francisco 1964 (before there were neighbors we had the whole block to ourselves…)






The 6 Toler kids
The 6 Toler kids







The house today painted with Justin in mind with his favorite colors-turquoise
Susan’s brother  Martel carefully selected colors for the family house recently  with Justin in mind- using his favorite colors-turquoise and brown


































To her surprise, she found her Father’s book and painting that her Mother had that actually was had the same image as of one of Justin’s last masterpieces of art ” Me and my Papa”. His Art Class project was to do a self-portrait with an image of old art.  Justin loved the work of the famous African American Artist Henry Tanner’s ” Banjo Player”.  He once told me that this picture reminded him of the cherished times he spent sitting on Papa’s lap reading and talking- so we called it: Me and My Papa

The Old and new treasures to keep
The Old and new treasures to keep The Book and Artwork from Justin’s Grandparents house with Justin’s modern day masterpiece


Henry Tanner's "Banjo Player"
Henry Tanner’s “Banjo Player” Found in the Family Treasures of SF



Justin's "Me and My Papa"
Justin’s “Me and My Papa”












Justin and his Papa- Burl Toler


Susan stayed there for weeks until she completed the arduous task of going through every inch of the house to prepare for a major 3-day estate sale (her parents having passed in 1991 and

Justin, Papa and Mia
Justin, Papa and Mia

2009). Each day everyone working the sale donned an apron with the “Justin Carr Wants World Peace” (JCWWP) logo.


Before she let the vast crowd in the house (some had started gathering at     3: 00 a.m.), she passionately spoke to them about how her family’s lives have changed and taken on new meaning and purpose since the day that Justin died. She also described his dream for world peace, and how her husband, Darrell, created the slogan JCWWP. Needless to say, the sale was extremely successful and everyone walked away with something to think about beyond the simple tangible items that they purchased.

The very next morning, Susan received an unexpected email at 5:05 a.m. from an elementary school friend, Father Chris  (who is now a missionary working in Africa), whom she hadn’t heard from since 1976. The subject line read:

“What do Jesus [J] Christ [C] and Justin [J] Carr [C] Want? World Peace… Christmas Blessings, Fr. C.”

Attached to the email was the photo following photo:

Beautiful babies in Jinja, Africa who may not have a lot but they have each other
Beautiful babies in Jinja, Africa who may not have a lot but they have each other




Susan cried because the extraordinary image depicted the culmination of her mission. It was so powerful—as you can see. She later found out that the children in this candid photo are all very poor, some are local children looking for food or assistance, others are displaced from a tribe who came to his region because of drought and extreme poverty in their district. She quickly responded to Father Chris saying how timely his photo was and shared with him the project she had just completed in San Francisco. He wrote these poignant few words back:

 “Susan, hmm, San Francisco…home town…  father’s and family home… estate sale, Justin’s dream…MAKE ME A CHANNEL OF YOUR PEACE…  from doubt to faith, hatred to love, injury to pardon, to be understood as to understand… and to be loved and to love with all my soul…”

Father Chris with a needy child
Father Chris with a needy child

The very next day when Susan was closing out a final sale with her high school friend, Lynn Butler, she asked Darrell to find a bag for her items. Lynn reached inside the bag, because she felt something. To all of our surprise, it was a prayer card from Susan’s mom’s funeral, which was over 25 years ago.FullSizeRender-26

Prayer of St. Francis that was found in a bag from over 25 years ago
Prayer of St. Francis that was found in a bag from over 25 years ago

On it was The Prayer of St. Francisimprinted with the same message that Father Chris had written to Susan the day before…

 Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; Where there is sadness, joy.FullSizeRender-25

 We were stunned…astonished. Doesn’t this phrase—MAKE ME A CHANNEL OF YOUR PEACE—have so much meaning today—with the state of affairs across the globe? We can all contribute to world peace by affirming that people of all colors and beliefs can live together peacefully with each other, by honoring and respecting their differences. Mahatma Gandhi once said:You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We are forever grateful that we still have your love, listening ears and support—we’re not walking this road alone. With respect to the JCWWP Foundation,  we’re also fortunate to continue a strong partnership with the Pasadena Community Foundation  https://pasadenacf.orgwhere donations are accepted year round. Please visit our website or click on the link below:

or mail your payment to:

Pasadena Community Foundation

301 East Colorado Blvd, Suite 810

Pasadena, CA  91101

ADD: Justin Carr Memorial in the Memo Section


Justin will always be present in our hearts and in our minds. His spirit is working through us. As we continue to channel his message for world peace, please continue to let us know how he has helped to make a difference in your life.

And  as you see, the photo  sent all the way from Jinja, Africa is the perfect image to depict his global message of love. The last message Father Chris wrote was:

From Africa with Love and a Message for World Peace
From Africa with Love and a Message for World Peace

 Indeed, there will be ripples… At each heart beat…Ripples of Love…Ripples of Peace…Ripples of Mercy… Ripples of Compassion…Ripples of Power…Ripples of Light…Ripples of Joy…Ripples of Eternal Life...”

Be sure of our absolute love and gratitude for all of you, and have a blessed Holiday Season…

Darrell & Susan Carr |

**Be sure to visit Susan’s blog and read her other stories that she has written on this journey:

*** If you want a hard copy of this letter please send your mailing address

The a few things that we have done since we lost Justin, the 4 year-old boy who prayed for world peace.

justin carr 4 years old

JCWWP 2015 Highlights


Tammy Trujillo wins the Golden Mike Award for her "Justin Carr" Story
Tammy Trujillo wins the Golden Mike Award for her     “Justin Carr” Story








  • Songstress Jensen McRae produced a concert: “ A Love Notes’ Production” in support of JCWWP
Songwriter and Singer Jensen McRae
Songwriter and Singer Jensen McRae Produced a ” Love Note Concert” in honor of Justin



Artist who performed at the “Love Notes Production”














Read more in Susan’s Blog story: “JJ, Jenson, Juju and the Butterfly”

  • JCWWP Dare 2 Dream Arts & Tutoring Program for Underserved students continues with the Harvard-Westlake students and volunteers Read more  in Susan’s blog: Uptown Funk vs. Downtown Manhattan as the JCWWP Beat Goes On.”.









Scholarships were granted for:

  • A high school violinist to attend NYU Summer Music Program  014




  • An actor and producer to complete his documentary: “Rise and Shine” a story about Kids and Art and Education * Justin is featured when he was 9 years oldrise






  • A college Freshman to Produce a musical ” The Last Five Years” in honor of Justin





  • Research and working with partners, continues to create viable cardiac testing opportunities to save lives.  Safe Heart Screening us because they were formed to save kids lives after they heard about Justin’s Story on the news…
  • Because of JCWWP sponsorship, Justin- the boy in Jinja, Uganda, Africa had a successful surgery to remove the large growth on his neck. “ Justin is very happy as he takes care of his 6 and 7 year siblings who have HIV. (See before and after photos)
Justin from Uganda after his surgery
Justin from Uganda after his surgery
















JCWWP luggage tags traveled to all seven continents as noted in the image below. Get yours  today to keep them traveling







JCWWP Tag New Zealand 'Lord of the Rings'
JCWWP Tag New Zealand
‘Lord of the Rings’




















Screenshot 2015-11-26 08.01.05









Harvard-Westlake Annual Justin Carr Relay Swim Meet






JCWWP 2016 Proposed Event, Programs & Initiatives

  • Beach Butterfly Release on Monday, February 22, 2016 (Stay tuned for details)
  • Scholarships will be granted for the visual and performing arts programs
  • JCWWP Dare 2 Dream Arts & Tutoring Program continues
  • Musical Concert on Sunday, February 21, 2016 (Stay tuned for details)
  • Continued dialogue to provide heart testing

Special Announcement!
November 2015 brought a revolutionary development worthy of our name. Justin Carr Wants World Peace Foundation became a founding partner of The Origami Heart Trust, in memory of Justin E. Carr. Origami Heart Trust strives to spread the message of “Art, Heart and Peace” and with its maiden initiative, Mission American Dream (MAD) promises to amplify our message throughout the nation.

As a medical impact organization, Origami Heart Trust is poised at the forefront of cardiovascular development and public health and education and utilizes innovative partnerships and thought leadership to create national programs and special projects of life–saving significance. Joining the White House in support of the Presidential Precision Medicine Initiative set to unveil early 2016, MAD is proud to introduce a breakthrough medical and social concept set to change the course of history and put an end to the unexpected tragedies caused by Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Sudden Cardiac Death. “Precision Pre Screening” is the newest member to join the soon-to-be-announced, completely personalized and highly-advanced, field of Precision Medicine.

Precision Pre Screening is the first line of public disease prevention to be introduced within the scope of this revolutionary new branch of healthcare based on personal characteristics and conscious collaboration through cooperation, thoughtful use of scientific technology, e-health trends, genome and phenome investigations and public literacy education. As we set out upon our New Year’s revolution, we are empowered to know that we have you along for the journey. Please visit for developments this New Year and join us as we expand this beautiful and growing channel of peace, and peace of mind.