Love Comes Naturally.. Hate is Learned


My friend Michelle ,who  worked with me on the Universal’s Islands of Adventure Theme Park in Orlando, Florida posted this wonderful message of peace on FB:

“Yesterday while Kyra was in PE, she overheard two girls of color expressing their dislike about our world today. She refrained from comment, but when their words turned to dislike of “white kids” Kyra couldn’t hold back. She turned to the two girls and said, “racism goes both ways. Your words hurt me.” Surprisingly both girls apologized to Kyra and said they were having a bad day because someone else had hurt them with their actions. Bottom line. Kyra made 2 new friends yesterday & stood up for herself. Today Kyra is wearing her Justin Carr World-Peace tshirt to reinforce the message that we should all respect one another for who we are. — with Susan Toler Carr and Justin Carr World-Peace.”

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Kyra Stands Up for Peace!!









Today, I wrote this in response to seeing a picture with a quote posted by my friend Felicia:

“Yesterday, Felicia Funderburk posted a stock random the image of ” Love Comes Naturally,Hate is Learned” Ironically the day before I took the picture of my nephew JJ at a pool as he and his new found friend AJ played together and posed for the picture. The only difference they noticed about each other was that one was born in June and the other was born in July!! They just met that day!! They played for two hours straight in the pop up jets and the pools!! No one told them how to pose for the picture. It came naturally!! Oh yeah and little JJ told me that he is still going to learn how to do the butterfly stroke like his big cousin Juju aka Justin Carr World-Peace !!:

I can’t make this up…










JJ and AJ both 5 years old