As the end of the year quickly approaches, we must say again how truly thankful and blessed we are to have you—our dear and very generous friends—supporting us and the Justin Carr Wants World Peace Foundation (JCWWP), not just with your time or monetary contributions, but your very connection to us….

Although, we’re forced to have a second Thanksgiving without our beautiful Justin physically here, we’re once again reminded of what Thanksgiving really means…Thanks. Giving. So, we are thanks giving for your “Friendsgiving”, because without that support we would not be in this place. So many from all walks of life, cultural descent and ages, have become quiet foot soldiers and walk beside us—for whom we are forever grateful. You all are truly a beautiful reflection of Justin’s belief that no matter where we come from, we are always stronger standing together than apart…

Another reflection of Justin’s impact is his story being shared around the world, that’s generated a strong year for JCWWP (and personally strengthened us). Accomplishments in 2014 include:

Dare 2 Dream: Among quite a few examples of achievement due to the program, one student won a scholarship to attend the prestigious Belvoir Terrace Visual and Performing Arts Summer Program in Boston; another won a trip to Monaco for Princess Stéphanie’s Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo

  • Benefit Programs & Products: ArtsAhimsa Concert in honor of Justin; Angeles Chorale Concert in honor of Justin on his 18th Birthday; and JCWWP luggage tags travel the world…
  • Medical Partnerships: We were invited to share Justin’s story at the 2014 American Heart Association Ball; and are currently working on a heart, art and peace project for testing and to educate others about  early heart disease detection.
  • Awards: CBS2 LA News wins an Emmy Award for Justin’s story
  • Paying It Forward: Funded cost to remove a huge neck growth on a young man in Jinja, Uganda… He’s a good kid, the oldest of 6, very impoverished background, his mother has HIV – and his name is Justin…

Our goals for 2015 are even more ambitious, as we continue this journey of giving…

  • Justin’s Dare 2 Dream Math Tutoring and Arts at underserved Schools
  • An April Love Notes Presents Justin Carr Wants World Peace Benefit Concert created and produced by one of Justin’s high school friends
  • Provide Scholarships to Visual and Performing Arts Programs
  • Obtain partnerships with major companies to educate and test for early heart disease detection (stay tuned)

If you would like to help us with those endeavors among others, please note that the  Pasadena Community Foundation  accepts donations for JCWWP any time of the year.

Learning to Grieve with Gratitude has become our mantra… And grateful we are, because of our friends who have given their time, energy, spirit and love, JCWWP has achieved a lot this year. We also know that we need each and every one of you to help us continue on our quest to do better and be better just like Justin.

It is true how love does show up in unexpected ways, and we feel that love through you, because to paraphrase John Lennon we’ve been able to get by with a “little” help from our friends, and we do need everybody, and we appreciate all of your love. Your support has enabled the ripple effects of JCWWP and Justin’s life to allow us to see stars even on the darkest days. Below are true testimonies of how his butterfly wings and your JCWWP contributions help others continue to soar, and for us to beam with pride…

Thank you again for being there as our broken hearts slowly heal and for your generous support… May this holiday bring you peace, love, faith, friendship and continued service to others–everything your friendsgiving gives us.

In Peace and Love,

Susan & Darrell Carr

Susan’s Blog


 “I want to do something amazing that will leave the world better than when I arrive…that’s a skill I learned from Justin.” Jackie —8th Grader

 “He had such goodness in his soul and he radiated kindness. He always put others before him. It was never about him. It’s as if his goal was to make everyone around him feel happy, and he always succeeded.” Marianne —12th Grader

He has truly changed me to be more accepting, to listen, and to be grateful for even the smallest of things. I hope to make my mark, to make an impact on the world…anyone who knew Justin undoubtedly derived inspiration from his demeanor and his determination. So any change any of us makes, is a change that Justin makes. Just know that Justin continues to live through me in college.” Maddy —College Freshman

 “Justin talked to me about how he was actually self-conscious in his swim team and even in acting about not being good enough and that fear is exactly what pushed him to be great. And that is the single most important piece of advice I have ever received in my life.”Eugénie—College Freshman

“I think I admired Justin from too far away, and I wish I could’ve taken him under my wings more (though he needed no help)…As I move further into adulthood, I know without question that…Justin will continue to anchor me to gratitude and positivity.” Evan—College Junior

“Justin’s legacy will always fuel them (the kids) with appreciation for the preciousness of life, engaging in it with courage, and serving the world. Whether they fully realize it now or not… Heck, that’s a lesson he left me. And trust me, I think of Justin often Shelley—Parent

 “The Holy Spirit is working through you. It is said, “If you want (World ) Peace,  work for justice.” Justin and justice have the same root: righteousness… ” Heaven (turquoise) and earth (brown) are filled with your glory… Amen!” Walk in the light….THERE WILL BE RIPPLES… AT EACH HEART BEAT…RIPPLES OF LOVE…RIPPLES OF PEACE… RIPPLES OF MERCY…RIPPLES OF COMPASSION…RIPPLES OF POWER… RIPPLES OF LIGHT… RIPPLES OF JOY… RIPPLES OF ETERNAL LIFE ….“Fr Christopher ( La Rocca ) OCD Carmelite Missionary , Uganda —Susan’s Elementary School friend

The following is an example of special testimonies we received from those who either watched the news segment about us and Justin’s story prompting schools to test students for undetected heart disease or at a screening event:

“I have wanted to reach out to you to tell you about our August Screening event… You were on my heart that day as we were able to screen over 100 students through Cardiology and provide physicals. When I saw concerned Echocardiogram techs running down to catch a parent to meet with the Cardiologist again, I knew we had found something significant. The screening captured a serious life threatening undiagnosed condition in this young man…

I have wanted to tell you of this and let you know that I was thinking of Justin that whole day as I do at every event…I also felt a sense of peace as I told Justin…”we saved this one for you.” There was a sense of immense emotion as we gave this child back to his mom and told her about your story. It brought tears to her eyes and she pledged to be praying for your family as well.

We are happy to have saved this one young man in Justin’s honor and memory, and we will continue to move into the future to provide cardiac screenings for our students. Hoping to save families the terrible grief you have been through. May God bless you today and everydayHigh School Nurse

These testimonies not only comfort us to know that the impact of Justin’s life continues, but are also evidence that the work of JCWWP Foundation must continue as well… Thank you!

A final testimony from SusanFor Thanksgivings past, our family trio would frequent San Francisco to visit my family. But in 2012, Justin insisted all family up North travel south to our home. Thrilled, Justin made a floor plan of the sleeping arrangements (those engineer genes in him!), and carefully planned an excursion to visit his favorite playground, Disneyland.   We all had a fun, fabulous time. He was so excited that his staycation was successful… We don’t know what made him insist on wanting to celebrate at home, but we are so blessed that our last Thanksgiving with Justin was so full of happiness, laughter and love…

JCWWP_Logo_with_Butterfly_II_copy copy






“These Boots are Made for Walking…”

For those whose know me I really don’t have the passion anymore to shop or buy anything. A few weeks ago, as I looked down at my (Justin’s) old tattered and torn brown converse shoes that I wear most days, I thought to myself… You need to get some new shoes.! So, I hastily went on the internet in search of something turquoise and these boots came up. I purchased the last pair in my size.

New Boots
New Boots

I opened the box today and when I looked at the bottom of the boot, I was floored. Darrell asked me ” How much did it cost to get Justin’s name on them? I looked at him and said: ” This is the name of the boots. They came like this.!”

Justin's Boots

So, I am adding these pictures to say ” I can’t make this stuff up!” My “Rhinestone Cowboy” Justin was telling me to get some new shoes!!! As you all know I will continue to walk to the end of the Earth in honor of  my beloved son Justin.


These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do…

JCWWP_Logo_with_Butterfly_II_copy copy

Father to Son ( As told by Darrell)

When Darrell told me about his experience a few days ago, I told him that he needed to write it down so that he could remember the details.  I’m so glad that he did..

Message from Darrell…

“Today I received a last minute invitation from a family friend Angie Daves, to attend a lecture/reading from Theresa Caputo on our loves ones on the other side, we call Heaven. The Long Island Medium and author of “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” sold out the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. After weaving in & out of L.A. traffic, I arrived with 5 minutes to spare. Our seats were 3 rows from the back wall in the balcony. But that wasn’t important to me as long as I could hear her speak. She started out by asking if anyone lost their wife, several people raised their hands. Then who lost a husband? To be honest I thought these questions were to general, and any crowd could answer. Then she ask did someone lose their son, I wanted to shout “yes me! ” but she would not have been able to hear me. So I sat quietly and answered all her questions silently. All of her information came from the spirits that contact Theresa. She ask, was there something built in their sons memory, like a bench to sit on. Was there a message scribed in cement? his hand print is pressed in cement in the yard. There is a tree planted for him.

Rock Bench built from the labor of love
Darrell’s Garden a tribute to Justin. The  rock Bench and plants are all  from his labor of love for Justin

There is an article written about this young man.



little-engine-that-could_copy copy

There was a release of something like balloons or butterflies in his memory?

Real Butterfly Flew on Darrell in Arizona
Real Butterfly Flew on Darrell
Butterfly Release
Butterfly Release


There is also a scholarship named after him.

JCWWP Foundation to help others
JCWWP Foundation to help others


This young man passed at an early age, before his time. His passing had something to do with something inside his chest. I sat there still and quiet with tears welled up in my eyes, yearning to just hug my beautiful son and tell him I love him with all my heart. All of that information had to be my beautiful son Justin Carr. The other people that had answered the first few questions put their hands down not able to answer yes to all questions like I was able to, the proud father of Justin Carr Wants World Peace.”

Thank you Angie for inviting Darrell. He will think about this event for many days and years to come.

Justin and Auntie Angie
Justin and Auntie Angie



Celebrating Dad
Celebrating Dad  Father’s Day 2012



I know that Darrell was the best Father to Justin. He taught him at an early age how to do things for himself, to build with his hands, to be resourceful, tie a tie, sing a song and to be a gentleman and to take care of himself.  Darrell called Justin his Champ.   I know that Darrell can relate to Langston Hughes famous poem… even though it is called ” Mother to Son”, Life without Justin has not been a crystal stair. Justin loved Langston Hughes and he wrote a poignant poem about him weeks before his transition. Stay tuned to read it one day.


Mother to Son
Well, son, I’ll tell you:
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
It’s had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor—
But all the time
I’se been a-climbin’ on,
And reachin’ landin’s,
And turnin’ corners,
And sometimes goin’ in the dark
Where there ain’t been no light.
So boy, don’t you turn back.
Don’t you set down on the steps
’Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.
Don’t you fall now—
For I’se still goin’, honey,
I’se still climbin’,
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.


*** I do not watch TV and did not know who this Theresa Caputo is. Now I do and I could not believe  that her book is titled “I can’t make this stuff up”  A phrase I often use…  Susan