"Darkest in water, Brightest on stage"

Justin, 2012, first day of 11th grade... when asked by his English teacher to describe himself in 6 words.

Thank you for your messages and well wishes as we travel this new path that this life has to offer after losing our son Justin who was so young, so vital, so alive.

The spirit of Justin makes us all want to be better people. We thank God for giving us Justin and we will keep his beautiful spirt alive for all of us as we strive to nurture it in ourselves! We are so grateful for all who are walking this road with us and thrive in his memory. Our strength, faith, and courage will continue to give us the fuel to navigate this journey.

In Peace and Love,

Susan & Darrell Carr

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The Justin Carr Wants World Peace (JCWWP) Foundation is committed to the promotion of World Peace through advocacy, education, education, college and career counseling, scholarships and heart health testing.

The JCWWP Foundation charge includes the following:

*Justin’s Dare 2 Dream Saturday Math Tutoring and Art Workshops at underserved Schools

* Middle School and High School students can also apply for funds for enrichment and educational programs for the visual and performing arts and to live out the foundation's creed: to accept and love everyone. The development of artists are the butterfly wings through which Justin's life continues its meaning.  Art is grace and art is forgiveness, art is love and art is kindness.

* Partnerships with major companies to educate and test to bring awareness and options for overcoming cardiomyopathy and other early childhood heart diseases

College Counseling, mentorship and self-development assistance are also available.

 Scholarship Enrichment applications will be available to Elementary and High School students on Feb 17, 2018.

Please check back with us for any further updates, and be sure to send us your contact information to be included in our mailing list. If you are interested in tutoring or donating your time, materials or services for our adopted schools, please send us an email or send us your contact information.

Thank you for partnering with us and keeping us in your prayers.

Together, let us plant these seeds as we did with Justin and watch what unfolds in his loving memory.


In Memory of

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